Lexington High School Alumni Association Scholarship

Lexington, VA. (January 27, 2015) – For many years, the Lexington High School Alumni Association has sponsored a scholarship for a college-bound graduate of Rockbridge County High School, and. in 2012, the alumni organization turned its scholarship fund over to the Community Foundation for Rockbridge, Bath, and Allegheny for it to invest and manage in perpetuity.

The Lexington High School Alumni Scholarship is available to provide higher-education scholarship assistance to needy and deserving students graduating from Rockbridge County High School or successor school who demonstrates a capacity to satisfactorily complete college-level studies; They must also demonstrate good citizenship and leadership as evidenced in school and community activities; and demonstrate financial need.

The Community Foundation for Rockbridge, Bath and Alleghany is now accepting scholarship applications online for the graduating class of 2015. Applicants may apply online at www.cfrba.org between now and the March 20, 2015 deadline.

Thanks from an alert from “News-Gazette” reporter, Kit Hadsel, and the co-operation of the demolition company in charge of tearing down Waddell (a.k.a. Old Lexington High School), a pile of façade brick (made in Glasgow) was obtained. The Alumni Association then offered a brick to any alum of LHS or Waddell in exchange for a $19.00 donation to the scholarship fund. To date, nearly $ 600 has been raised from close to fifty donors. The Alumni Association hopes to raise the fund to a level which will enable them to increase the amount of the scholarship they offer to $1000. Some bricks are still available and anyone wishing to obtain one can do so by contacting David Coffey at 463-9529 and making a $10.00 contribution, cash and carry.

The Community Foundation for Rockbridge, Bath and Alleghany encourages donors interested in creating new scholarships to contact Lori Keckler at 540-463-0943 lori.keckler@cfrba.org for more information.